Confused about what to eat? 

Is butter bad for you?
Should I follow a Mediterranean diet?
Why am I not able to lose weight?

Are you feeling confused by all the contradictory messages about food?

Working with me you will learn how to choose the right foods for your specific circumstances, and separate myths from facts

I will help you achieve optimum energy and vitality without following a restrictive plan. 

With my non diet approach you will learn how to make the right choices, focusing on eating delicious healthy food that will help you maximise your health and vitality. I will help you reclaim the joy of eating


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Hi, I'm Donatella,

I'm passionate about nutrition and I want to help women choose the best foods without feeling deprived or focusing on weight loss.

I follow a non diet approach, and I will help you achieve a balanced nutrition, for optimum health and vitality, regardless of your age, size or disability.

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